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Ep. 1 - Building a Thriving Marriage and Prosperous Business


This first episode of Power Couples by Design introduces the concept and the heart behind this podcast. To help married couples build a Thriving Marriage and Prosperous Business. 

Yes, you can have it all. A loving relationship with your spouse and a growing and profitable business. 

We will define what a Power Couple is in our books and discuss the common issues that hinder couples from building a strong marriage and business at the same time. 

Communication and conflict resolution are the top 2 things couples in business face.

So, we’ll discuss what we’ve learned over the years to have healthy communication and prevent or resolve conflict in a way that strengthens our relationship not tear it apart.


  • What is a Power Couple?

  • What can you expect over the coming episodes 

  • Communication and conflict resolution

    1. Margin of time and money

  • How did we get here

  • Kay Lee’s background

    1. Robert’s background

  • What we’ve learned about communication and conflict resolution

  • How it affects marriage and business


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