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Ep. 56 - Brothers in Business

Could you imagine doing business with your siblings? Depending on your experience with your brothers and sisters will determine that response no doubt. Meet Adam, Derek and Jacob Broin owners of They sell...well...cufflinks of course. But they also sell a variety of other men’s accessories like ties, tie bars, bracelets, stud sets and more. These three (millennial) brothers decided several years ago that they were going to go into business together. Like many new business ventures, it’s exciting in the beginning until the first set of business challenges set in. So tune in and listen to this great interview and hear how these three young men have successfully navigated the ins and outs of working with siblings, protecting the relationship and building a business.


Instagram: Cufflinksdotcom

Ox and Bull signature cufflinks

Key takeaways:

  • Normal brother relationship growing up
  • Opportunistic timing to work together in business
  • Saw complimentary skills in each other
  • Chose the business based upon their grandfather's legacy
  • The have to be in full agreement on crucial decisions
  • Lifetime practicing conflict resolution has helped
  • Have faith in each other (TRUST)
  • A gallon of water, a gallon of gasoline and a weed wacker
  • Brothers that pray together stay together
  • Lots of life and business changes in the first year
  • Lessons running a business together

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