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Ep. 18 - Business with Purpose

Have you ever wanted your business to mean something? Yes, you need to make a profit otherwise you won’t be in business very long but what about a purpose beyond the bottom line? Meet Ryan and April Berg of the Aruna Project. They saw a huge need to address the sex trafficking issue in India. So they developed a purpose led business to address it head on and provide a lasting solution for these women and girls who were imprisoned in this dark industry. Hear the incredible story of this Power Couple in Business who are changing the world together. And hear how they are able to work together. 

You can find out more, purchase their products or just plain follow the good work they are doing on their website or social media. Facebook @arunaproject Instagram @arunaproject

Key Takeaways

  • Same words can have different meanings

  • The power of listening is the key to conflict resolution

  • The power of forgiveness

  • If you know how to solve conflict at home, you can do it while working together too

  • Seeing a huge need lead to an impossible business

  • Creativity in creating seed capital for the business

  • Business can end sex trafficking

  • The power of togetherness

  • One woman saved leads to three more

  • The future is bright for The Aruna Project


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