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Ep. 8 - Change Your Spouse By Changing You First

Interview with Al and Leticia of The Marriage Well. You may have heard situations in which couples get divorced and one spouse is totally caught off guard. Had no idea that the marriage was in that bad of shape or that their spouse was feeling this bad. Most, if not all, of the time the warning signs were there but the other spouse just wasn’t paying attention to the needs of the others.Thank God for Al and Leticia’s marriage, Al finally listened. And I mean really listen. Every couple should hear this story so that you don’t wait til it’s too late to finally pay attention to your spouse.

Even then things had to change. Too often we want our spouse to change then everything will be alright. The reality is both parties need to change. It’s just that we want the other person to go first. Well, if you want your spouse to change, the best way to do it is you go first. 

Al and Leticia are founders of the Marriage Well. A marriage coaching center based in Ventura, California.

MarriageWell is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and our mission is to provide support, resources, activities and learning opportunities for couples to achieve excellence, intimacy, and FUN in their marriages.

You can follow them on Facebook @MarriageWell or visit their website for all the latest events and services they provide.

Key takeaways:

  • A “mistress” doesn’t have to be a person

  • Listen to your spouse before it’s too late

  • Learn your spouse’s love language and do something about it

  • You can change your spouse by changing yourself first

  • Repairing a broken marriage is often a marathon not a sprint.

  • Quality time with spouse and family is important for every marriage. Define what that means for yours.


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