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Ep. 82 - The Dance Of Doing Business With Your Spouse with Jim and Martha Brangenberg

Working together as husband and wife is not for the faint of heart. Many avoid it altogether. Some are surviving through it and others, like our guest Jim and Martha Brangenberg, are thriving. Not that every couple should work together but every couple can and do it well when they know how to do it. We had a great candid interview with Jim and Martha who both grew up in an entrepreneur family and avoided following the same path (Jim went to seminary) but eventually built several businesses together before settling into their current non-profit iWork4Him . They help business owners and W2 employees find purpose in their work and put on a variety of marriage retreats. 


Podcast: iWork4Him


Key Questions Asked:

  • What challenges did you face working together, in the beginning, and how did you find your groove to work well as a team?
  • The business has many challenges but also has many opportunities. And those opportunities can sometimes keep you so busy you neglect intimate time to connect with your spouse. How do you maintain the priority of staying connected?
  • You just came out with a book trilogy. Tell us about that.

Key Takeaways:

  • He was a bellman, she worked the front desk
  • Working together for the first time, they had to learn how to “dance” again
  • Key to ending arguments, “stop the stupid”
  • Staying humble
  • Keys to connection, shoulder time, going to bed at the same time, and prayer


Jim Brangenberg

An entrepreneur for life, Jim has grown several start-ups and mentored many business owners. His God-gifted ability to ask the right questions lends itself well to his role as host of the iWork4Him program, the Faith and Work mouthpiece founded in 2013.

Martha Brangenberg

Born into an entrepreneurial family, Martha has been involved in small business her entire life. Gifted with an attention to detail and a sweet sensitive spirit, Martha is a servant leader with a deep faith in Jesus.

Together, Jim and Martha are passionate about living out faith at work, building strong marriages and regularly offer marriage retreats. They have three grown children and six grandchildren.


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