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Ep. 12 - Dangers of Pleasing Your Spouse

Chris and Jamie Bailey are Professional Christian Counselors and Marriage Coaches. Together, they run a private practice, First Care Christian Counseling, and a marriage ministry, Expedition Marriage. You can find them in their office, speaking, leading marriage retreats, or teaching seminars. They’ve been married 25 years, have three adult daughters, and currently enjoy spending time with their two precious grandkids. They share a passion for helping healthy couples continue to thrive and helping hurting couples find the fullness in Christ they were meant for.

Chris and Jamie share about the challenges in their marriage and how they navigated these difficulties. Jamie came from a dysfunctional upbringing and Chris was a big pleaser.

While Jamie really liked his pleasing her all the time, after a while it did become a major stumbling block in their marriage. Listen to their real life story that all couples can relate to in some form or fashion. 

Then hear some practical tips on how to build a better marriage through great communication. 

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Key takeaways:

  • The little bumps in their marriage became big obstacles

  • Pleasing your spouse all the time is not healthy when it comes from an unhealthy perspective

  • Changing your spouse starts with changing yourself first

  • Don’t ASSume

  • If your spouse is upset, don’t get defensive. They need you

  • Have tough conversations during peaceful times

  • A good question to ask your spouse. “Are you mad at me or just mad?”


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