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Ep. 75 - Dealing With The Constant Changes of Marriage and Business

You thought your life was crazy? Maybe it is but moving to different countries, states, and cities, changing careers and business, having kids and working conditions can put a stress on any marriage. Meet childhood sweethearts Dan and Danielle Macaulay. They started out their lives as church pastors before Dan became a full time recording artist and traveling worship leader. You could imagine the kind of work schedule he put in while Danielle did her best to hold the fort. Then COVID hit and everything came to a screeching halt. Yes, it was stressful but amazingly Dan felt peaceful because he wasn’t putting in the crazy hours as he was before. Tune into this episode as we explore with Dan and Danielle of how they’ve dealt with the busyness of their business and the lessons learned from COVID that they’ll use going forward. 

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Key Takeaways:

  • The met in Paris
  • The constant change of career, business, kids, and moving a lot to COVID
  • Key to dealing with stress is give a lot of grace
  • Giving friendly reminders when the other is not being nice
  • COVID revealed how overworked he was
  • Stress overcame him physically
  • There is a right and wrong time to discuss sensitive topics
  • Sometimes you needs some “me” time
  • Not going back to normal
  • Tag team
  • Choose good

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