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Ep. 43 - Dealing With Difficult People and Spouses

We all run into difficult people on occasion. And sometimes even on a daily basis at work or home. So, how do you deal with these people? Especially if you’re married to them. Well, meet Tony and Ana Maria Quintero Lowry of A & P International, inc.. They are a power couple in business. She’s the CEO and he’s the CFO. This could lead to some interesting dynamics and power struggle in business and home but they have learned to make it work. So listen to this fun conversation as they share their experience and insight into how understanding people’s personality type can make you a better, spouse and sales person.


A & P International, Inc is a transformational business development and consulting Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), that serves the Supplier Diversity Community.

We assess and develop Diverse Suppliers through one-on-one and/or group business coaching and equip them to become pre-qualified providers of products and services for our corporate and government clients… 

Ana Maria Quintero Lowry, President/CEO

is a leading expert in supplier diversity coaching and training with more than 33 years of experience in the consulting industry. She is devoted to the engagement of people from varying cultures and backgrounds. Her knowledge in sales and business development has yielded her clients their highest closing ratios; an immediate return on their investment. Mrs. Lowry is a Colombian native, has traveled around the world, and proven her ability by coaching and training some of the most recognized corporations and entrepreneurs. She received her Juris Doctorate and Masters Degree in International Trade in Colombia in 1982.

Her contribution to the community, as a member of the boards for ChristianHelp, Central Florida Jobs Initiative and Central Florida Employment Council, was recognized by United Way at their awards ceremony as an Outstanding Professional Volunteer – 2015. Ana Maria is author of many recognized pieces of literature; her latest book, Cross-Cultural, A New Thirst for Diversity Engagement, was released at the International Women’s Conference in Louisville, KY in August 2015.

William A.(Tony) Lowry, CFO & Executive Coach

With a degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Central Florida, and with a financial background in both banking and taxes, Tony, serves as CFO and Executive Coach of A & P. In this capacity, Tony provides insight and recommendations for growth plans for the organization; creating and establishing yearly financial objectives that align with the company’s plan for growth and expansion. He analyzes and approves cost and profit for each project. His approach is to work with the client’s budget for a win – win transaction for all parties.

Tony has captured 110 + millions in contracts both for our clients and for A & P. Tony is also part of our executive training team, applying his vast knowledge and expertise in training regarding international marketing, finances and operational management. He has worked, traveled, and trained people in 27 different countries. He has a passion for diversity engagement.

Key Takeaways:

  • Started the business with her sister in Colombia
  • The key merger and acquisition
  • Tony looking for his wife standing on a chair
  • Importance of knowing personality profiles in marriage
  • How the wife goes from being the boss at work to the little girl at home
  • Boundaries is the key to working together in business
  • Importance of knowing personality profiles in business
  • Improve your sales closing ratio by understanding the DISC profiles
  • Life is like a roller coaster. It has its ups and downs but it smoothes out

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