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Ep. 88 - Knowing Your Fears Can Make You A Business Success

Whether you realize it or not or want to admit it or not we all have fears. And those fears can be an impediment to business success. Many people say they channel those fears as motivation to be successful. That does work for many people but not all. In the long term, using fear as motivation can be stressful and lead to burnout. What’s important is to identify the type of fear that manifests in your life and learn how to face it. We all fall into one of two categories of fear. When you know which one you fall into, it will be easier to recognize, deal with it and move forward to success. Join us in this episode as we talk about the fears that may be holding you back from success and how to effectively deal with it so it does not hold you back.  

Key Takeaways

  • Overcoming fear is a myth
  • Face your fear 
  • Stop using fear to motivate
  • Identify the type of fear that manifests in your life
    • Fear of failure- You’re a perfectionist and do but we do things well. But you can be a controlling micromanager.
    • Fear of success - You start things fast and well. But can experience many setbacks and sabotage success. You can drive people crazy by your constant changes.. 
  • How to succeed in the face of fear
    • Fear of failure - Have coaches, consultants, mentors to push. Set deadlines. Let others know your plan
    • Fear of success - Need others to encourage and help you put things in perspective. Recognize the patterns before you implode. 
  • Understanding your type of fear can help you recognize the type of entrepreneur you fit best.
    • Fear of success person a great serial entrepreneur. Starts well and then hands it off to others to move forward.
    • Fear of failure person is a great turn around expert. You can identify the exact issues in the business and build a plan to turn around a failing company or scale an existing one.

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