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Ep. 15 - Can We Get Real?

It’s time we bare our soul. As “professional” marriage and business coaches, people start to look at us as the experts. While we believe we do have some wisdom to offer in the areas of marriage and business, we want to make sure people don’t look at us as perfect. That’s too high a bar to achieve and quite frankly it’s impossible by any couple. So just like we’ve enjoyed hearing from other Power Couples in Business about the challenges they’ve had to face and still face in building their marriage and business, we want to do the same. We’re going to turn the mic around and let you hear what we’ve gone through and still go through as Power Couples coaches. It’s time to get real. 

Key Takeaways:

  • How we met and the baggage we brought into the relationship

  • Two years of relationship counseling

  • Things we struggled with

  • Tools that have helped us have productive conflict

  • What we still struggle with working together

  • Tools we still need to use

  • Marriage is not a competition

  • Our hope and prayer for you


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