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Ep. 37 - "Hidden" Secrets to Success in Business

If you are married and own a business, there is a hidden secret to success. Sure, business plans, marketing strategies, strong financials are essential but nothing can bring a business down faster than a broken relationship. On the flip side, nothing can turn the average entrepreneur into Super(wo)man when they know their spouse is in total support of them. Regardless of how many times they fail. This is part of the story of entrepreneur couple Arthur and Danette Toole. Owners of the natural pain remedy MegRelief. Winners of the Veterans SharkTank, they’ll share their ups and downs of marriage and entrepreneurship. You’ll definitely want to hear their story as it is sure to inspire you and help your marriage and business. 

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Key Takeaways:

  • You met on MySpace??

  • 3 Failed businesses qualified him to start a 4th

  • Not listening to his wife cost him lots of money

  • Learning not to take offense

  • 3 things he learned in business

  • A business is born from visiting mom

  • Almost closing up a successful business

  • Nutmeg. It’s not just for eggnog


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