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Ep. 25 - Five Keys for Unlocking Success in Leadership

Listen to this fun interview with Jerome and Sheri Fogel. Jerome is a partner at Fogel and Potamianos LLP specializing in corporate law and Intellectual property. He is recently an author of “The Gauntlet: Five keys for unlocking success in leadership.” His wife Sheri is a leader in her own right as an associate pastor at Oasis Church in Los Angeles. In this episode we talk about the elements of leadership illustrated in Jerome’s but how it is reflected in their marriage as well as business. Being a great leader in business is great but you should also be that at home. This is a fun filled conversation that reveals great leadership does not happen overnight. Especially in marriage. 

Jerome and Sheri’s mission as a couple is to love God, love each other, and love the people around them generously.

Get the book: The Gauntlet: Five Keys for Unlocking Success in Leadership

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Key takeaways:

  • Jerome didn’t want to date an actress

  • Coaching your spouse- Warning!

  • Service - how do you serve each other?

  • Vision - what is your vision for the future and how did you develop it?

  • Coachability- who’s most coachable? 

  • Courage- how do you maintain courage in the midst of the unknown

  • Transformation- how do you stay challenged?


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