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Ep. 7 - Let's Talk About Sex

How to have better sex, more sex, or any sex. Inquiring minds want to know. Marriage experts, authors, speakers and all around fun couple Bill and Pam Farrel stop in to have an intimate conversation around a sometimes hush, hush topic. But it’s not just about sex. How do you keep the fires lit and the logs burning 50 years into marriage?

FB: @billandpamfarrel

Key Takeaways:

  • Be intentional about your sex life

  • Have the difficult conversation

  • Past hurts can contribute to low affection

  • Be the same planner in the bedroom as you are in the boardroom

  • What contributes to decrease passion between husband and wife?

  • How can you keep things hot in the busyness of life?

  • Can unresolved issues douse the flames of passion?


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