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Ep. 22 - Listen to Your Spouse

In marriage it can be hard to listen to your spouse all the time. At home, not listening to your spouse “just” causes a lot of conflict and bitter feelings. In business, it can cost you a lot of lost time, money and aggravation. Regardless if you are both working in the business or not, you should always be listening to your spouse. In fact, you should seek your spouse's input in the business. It doesn’t matter how much or little they know about the business, your spouses input is important. It will improve your business and marriage!

Key Takeaways

  • Men and women think differently...duh

  • Both viewpoints are important to form one complete outlook

  • You’re on the same team and the outcomes matter to you both

  • If your wife has a feeling, watch out, she may be right

  • Husband’s are the head but wives are the neck

  • Get to a position of being able to confront without being confrontational 

  • Waiting on a business decision is wise

  • How to get to a position of agreement

  • Both should have peace in the decision

  • You and your spouse will feel better connected when including each other in decision making

  • In the multitude of counselors there is peace and success. Your spouse should be chief counsel


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