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Ep. 62 - Living Love-Wise in Biz and Love

Join bestselling authors, and Co-Directors of Love-Wise, Bill and Pam Farrel who have been married and in ministry (and business)  together nearly all of their 41 years of marriage. Bill and Pam will share tips on how rhythms and habits of faith can become the strength of your marriage, family, ministry, and business. For over 40 years they have practiced a weekly  "Marriage Meet Up" that has kept them pulling in the same direction TOGETHER. They will  share a preview of their soon to be released, (His and Hers set): Marriage Meetups: A Planner for Couples Who Want a Productive, Passionate, and Purposeful Life

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Sample "Marriage Meet Up date" from our soon to release book: Marriage Meet Ups: A His and Her Planner Set for Couples Who Want a Productive, Passionate and Purposeful Marriage   

The Conflict Covenant Worksheet. Turn conflict into connection by having a date to create your unique method and path to disagreeing without becoming disagreeable. Use code "CONNECT" to download as our gift.


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