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Ep 69 - Is Your Marriage and Business In Balance? (part 1)

Many entrepreneurs start their business because of the freedom and unlimited earning potential it represents. But as the years progress, it seems like the business has them in bondage longer than they had anticipated and the money isn’t quite falling in line to what they had planned. Then of course, when they have a spouse and family, the business is now overtaking their home life as well. Does this sound like you? If so, then you need to listen to this episode where we tackle this important issue and offer some tips and tricks to get your marriage and business on track. Spoiler alert: Creating better balance in marriage and business takes being intentional. Plan your life instead of letting life plan you. 

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Key Takeaways:

  • Defining work/life balance
  • Average entrepreneur works harder than they would like 
  • Sacrifice marriage and family for the sake of the business
  • Hard work ethic, gotta work hard, can’t achieve anything without hard work
  • Justifications-it brings in the money
  • What happens when an entrepreneur works too hard?
  • Spouse wants connection but gets left overs
  • Even when the owner is home, they’re not present
  • Conflict arises
  • If I make more money I’ll have more time. But you probably need more time to make more money. Chicken or the egg situation
  • Life just happens. Business becomes the de facto priority. Mistress in the marriage. Ends justifies the means.
  • Divorce rates 10% higher for entrepreneur couples
  • Success in business does not dictate the success of marriage. Marriage first
  • Need to be intentional about how you build your life and work smarter not harder in the business.

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