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Ep 69 - Is Your Marriage and Business In Balance? (part 1)

Finding Better Balance For The Married Business Owner

As a business owner, you have a lot of responsibilities and it's almost impossible to stuff another to do in your calendar, right? And if you're married, there are all those responsibilities that come with finding time with your spouse and handling all those to-dos. 

How do you find balance in it all?

Is Work/Life Balance Even Possible?

Work/life balance is one of those four-letter words for entrepreneur couples. It's the unicorn that everyone is chasing but many give up. Most of us have just accepted the fact that this is the life we lead and it is what it is. Work/life balance is impossible.

But wait for a second, didn't you start this business for the freedom to do what you want? Work when you want? Take vacations when you want? Earn a ton of money and go have fun with your life? What happened to that dream and how did the very thing that was supposed to bring you freedom hold you in bondage?

It Starts By Defining What It Is

Yes, work/life balance is possible but first you must define what it is for your marriage and then intentionally put a plan together to achieve it. The main reason most entrepreneur couple's lives feel out of balance is they haven't even defined what that means for you. Not what other couples are doing but what is important for you.

So take a listen to this episode where we tackle this important issue and offer some tips and tricks to get your marriage and business on track.

Spoiler alert: Creating better balance in marriage and business takes being intentional. Plan your life instead of letting life plan you. 

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Key Takeaways:

  • Defining work/life balance
  • Average entrepreneur works harder than they would like 
  • Sacrifice marriage and family for the sake of the business
  • Hard work ethic, gotta work hard, can’t achieve anything without hard work
  • Justifications-it brings in the money
  • What happens when an entrepreneur works too hard?
  • Spouse wants connection but gets leftovers
  • Even when the owner is home, they’re not present
  • Conflict arises
  • If I make more money I’ll have more time. But you probably need more time to make more money. Chicken or the egg situation
  • Life just happens. Business becomes the de facto priority. Mistress in the marriage. Ends justify the means.
  • Divorce rates are 10% higher for entrepreneur couples
  • Success in business does not dictate the success of a marriage. Marriage first
  • Need to be intentional about how you build your life and work smarter not harder in the business.

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