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Ep. 19 - Marriage Benefits of Coronavirus

While the coronavirus has created much fear, anxiety and uncertainty, there have some marriage benefits that came out of it. We just hope that it lasts. While the virus itself was awful, what it forced us to do could have some positive long lasting effects for those that choose to keep it going. For starters, it’s forced us all to slow down and be present with our spouse and family. This episode is a bit of a time machine as we are recording in the midst of the pandemic with hope by the time this releases that the worst is over. Listen and hear what we’ve observed and the lessons that we hope couples learn and maintain even after the crisis.

Key Takeaways:

  • You were really tired

  • Life goes on 

  • Probably got really creative

  • You had to learn to connect with your spouse

  • Your kids really missed you

  • Cooking at home can be fun

  • At the end of the day relationships are more important than your business

  • You really didn’t need all that toilet paper

  • Moving forward

    • Continue putting family first

    • Creativity and strategy comes out of rest

    • Accumulating stuff isn’t all that important 

  • Next week is all business


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