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Ep. 21 - Marriage and Business: It's Not a Competition

Many couples struggle at the idea of working together because they just can’t seem to get on the same page so they find it’s best to not spend too much time together. Or perhaps they are working together but it’s not the most optimal working relationship and they find it actually brings more stress into the marriage. Their arguments turn into a competition to see who can convince the other person on their point of view. Well Howard and Danielle Taylor, husband and wife, parents and serial entrepreneurs have found the “secret sauce” to not only work together but to thrive together both at home and business. It has not been all rosy for their entrepreneurial life but when they found how to really thrive together as husband and wife, they knew there was nothing they couldn’t accomplish. So we invite you to take a listen to this great episode in which we cover a lot of ground on the ups and downs of marriage and business.

Key takeaways

  • Expect the best of each other

  • Don’t take it so personal

  • Stop competing against each other and work as a team

  • Get into agreement

  • Set boundaries

  • No finger pointing

  • Vision helps keep things in perspective

  • Juice It Up was Adversity University

  • God can’t prevent stupid

  • Early failures breeds future success


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