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Ep. 81 - Navigating The Certainty of Change in Marriage and Business w/Andy and Janine

If you’re like me, consistency is reassuring. It’s like a security blanket that “guarantees” things will be well. But if you’ve spent any time as a married couple and business owner, then you know the only guarantee is change. 

Not only can change be uncomfortable but it can also create conflict in a marriage. So how do you deal with change? 

Meet Andy and Janine Mason. They left the comfort of their home country of New Zealand and relocated to the U.S. 15 years ago without a clearly defined plan of what they were going to do once they arrived. They also had 4 young children. 

They’ve had to navigate career changes, kids, writing books, moving to a new country halfway around the world and starting two projects and businesses together. Listen to this episode as they candidly share how they’ve been able to navigate change in life and business while prioritizing their marriage. 

Consulting Business Authentic Solutions website: 

Founders of Heaven and Business - a faith based business program in Bethel Church in Redding, CA 

Instagram: @Andy.Janine

Key Takeaways:

  • Dealing with change takes understanding each others differences
  • Know each other's love language
  • Being connected as husband and wife is the default not what you have to strive toward
  • Men judge their intention, women judge their action
  • Tough conversations are needed to navigate any type of change
  • COVID has taught us to slow down and enjoy
  • Busy is not productive
  • Wise people have wrinkles
  • Book recommendations

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