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Ep. 46 - Where Do We Go From Here? Marriedpreneur Life Post-Covid-19

O.L. and Sway Buckley - Marriepreneur Life

OL & Sway are Co-Creators of and the hosts of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast. OL is a former internationally award-winning banker, turned entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of RO Strong Real Estate & Financial Education firm as well as the CEO of OL Buckley Consulting. Sway is the CEO of a creative arts staffing firm (which funded her college education) as well as the founder of Smart Artist Institute Consulting. Together, the Buckleys have helped marriages from start-ups to high net worth families protect their greatest asset- marriage. Their work has been seen on has been seen in HuffPost, South Dallas Business & Living Magazine, CBS affiliates, BET and more. They’ve known each other for nearly 20 years and this year will make 11 years of marriage.

Presentation Description

Today, more than ever we have distractions vying for our attention and focus. Even post Covid-19, we all are dealing with what our new normal looks like for our family and our business. This talk will cover simple strategies to get BACK on the same page, re-evaluating how to strengthen the marriage while also re-aligning the business systems. 


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This episode is a re-broadcast from the Power Up Your Marriage and Business virtual retreat from June 2020. If you would like to hear more wisdom from other marriage experts and entrepreneur couples, click here and watch for FREE.


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