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Ep. 10 - Understanding the Priorities of Life

Listen in as we interview Pat and Charlotte Ennis. Married couples who own Ennis Legacy Partner (ELP), a consulting company that assists business owners build transferable business value and exit their business responsibly and successfully. While Pat operates the business with his business partner, Charlotte works part time for an exotic animal veterinarian and has an active business on eBay selling collectibles and vintage clothing. 

They share their heartfelt story of learning to appreciate each others gifts and strengths as opposed to arguing about them and starting and growing ELP. 

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Pat and Charlotte share some great insights into:

Key takeaways::

  • Importance of date night

  • Being the CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer)

  • Staying humble

  • Appreciate and work with each others gifts

  • Understand the priorities of life and not get bogged down to order

  • Planning your life legacy

  • Succession starts years before you need to exit


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