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Ep. 33 - Shake Your Groove Thing in Business

Little did Phil Bynes know when he stepped onto the high school dance floor because no one else was that admiring eyes were watching. Years later his would-be wife, Shae, “latched her hooks” into him and the rest was history. Or at least that is his account. Regardless these high school sweethearts made it through years of long distance relationship during their college years and became husband and wife. Phil quickly became a business owner and started his own massage therapy business while Shae went the corporate route. In 2012, Shae started her own business, Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur to become a business owner herself. After years of being each other’s chief council to their respective businesses, Phil eventually joined forces with Shae to continue to grow her business while still operating his own. Tune in to this episode as they share how they work as a team on and off the business field and help other entrepreneurs thrive in their business not strive. 


About Phil

Phil is a licensed massage therapist and owns his own practice, Crazy Good Massage.  He enjoys working out and binging on Japanese anime. His wife Shae calls him the “King of Analogies” and you’ll understand why rather quickly as you listen in to their “This Kingdom Life podcast” that he and Shae host.

About Shae

Shae is a passionate storyteller, teacher, and mentor to entrepreneurs around the world. She’s the Chief Fire Igniter of Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur. She’s also the host of The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur Podcast.  She has “introvert tendencies” although it’s hard to tell at times because she loves engaging with others and gives really big hugs. She enjoys a good book (or two or three…at once) and is addicted to sunshine and water.

Key Takeaways

  • How did you two meet?

  • How did working together come about?

  • Any early pitfalls working together?

  • How did you find your groove?

  • Talk to us about a debt free business? Too many times getting a business loan/investors is what people think they need to start or keep the business going..

  • Allowed each other in to give advice

  • Don’t force your ideas

  • Be chief council in the other business

  • Be in agreement at home

  • Grace over grind

  • Paying yourself first


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