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Ep. 70 - From Unemployed To Shark Tank: Teamwork Guide for Couples in Business

Being married and running a business brings many ups and downs. It’s one thing when you’re single and you just have to answer to yourself. But when you need to make crucial decisions together, getting on the same page is important. What do you do when one wants to go left and the other wants to go right? What do you do when one has a brilliant idea and other thinks its stupid? What do you do when one loses his high paying job and you need to figure out what 2nd and 3rd jobs you need to pick up?

Meet entrepreneur couple and Shark Tank participants Gabe and Cindy Trevizo of Suds2Go. These childhood sweethearts take us through their wild journey of life, love, joblessness, business ownership, raising kids and getting onto a highly rated TV show. 

Their story is one to hear and is an example of what teamwork looks like as a power couple in business. Marriage and business isn’t always a bed of roses but with trust and great teamwork, you can ultimately succeed in anything. 


Instagram: @Suds2go

Key Takeaways:

  • 8th grade sweethearts
  • Unemployed in 2008
  • Gabe and Cindy did everything and anything to put food on the table
  • Gabe regained his old appraiser position
  • Gabe’s bright idea was to quit his job and start own business 
  • Emergency fund was a lifesaver
  • Overcoming fear and doubt
  • Dealing with postpartum depression
  • Gabe gets another bright idea
  • Start another business
  • Accepted to pitch on Shark Tank
  • What got them prepared to be married, have 4 kids, build a business, launch another business and face the rigors of Shark Tank

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