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Ep. 4 - Solving Conflict Starts at the Heart

When having a disagreement with your spouse, do you find yourself talking in circles and just getting more frustrated as opposed to developing a solution?

That’s because both sides are talking but no one is listening. 

The argument becomes a cycle of attacking and defending. 

When you take the time to listen and understand to the heart of what is being said and not simply the words that are coming out of your spouse’s mouth, you’ll be on your way to work toward a solution.

Listen to this episode as we help you navigate the difficulties but also the benefits of listening to your spouses heart. 


Key Takeaways:

  • The cycle of talking and not listening

  • Get on the cycle of listening and caring

  • Caring for your spouse’s heart

  • Hearing your spouses heart can be difficult to hear

  • How we get on the same page with finances

  • Dealing with the in-laws


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