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Ep. 50 - Three Strategies for Turning Trials Into Triumphs

There is a lot of noise encouraging you to do this marketing technique or that marketing technique to grow your business. They all may work but there is usually a series of trial and errors (along with time and money) before you figure out how to

Jeff Kemp is a former NFL quarterback turned Soul Coach to CEOs and leadership teams and author of Facing The Blitz. 

  • Former NFL Quarterback
  • Soul Coach to CEOs and leadership teams
  • Author of Facing The Blitz

For the last 30 years, I’ve been a speaker, mentor, and team leader because of my deep conviction in our individual and collective potential when we turn obstacles into opportunities. It’s why I’ve worked hard to strengthen relationships and help people face and overcome the pressures of life.

When I was an NFL quarterback, I learned how to attack a blitz. We planned plays and adjustments to run when we recognized it was coming. If the whole offense communicated quickly, we could turn blitzes into big plays. I learned that a quarterback both gives and gains confidence by trusting teammates, practicing collaboration and staying flexible. 

Blitzes aren’t limited to the NFL. At times in my life, everything seemed to be collapsing. I began to see the insecurities, communication failures, and selfish relationships that will get a QB, or any of us, sacked.

This episode is a re-broadcast from the Power Up Your Marriage and Business virtual retreat from June 2020. If you would like to hear more wisdom from other marriage experts and entrepreneur couples, click here and watch for FREE.


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