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Ep. 31 - In Synking With Marriage and Business

Imagine if you will, that you’ve been married for only 3 years, have two young children, selling your house, one of you is a full time nurse, the other spouse runs a law firm, launching a startup, and moved his office into the garage. How do you do all that and grow a thriving marriage? It takes a lot of prioritization, communication and asking for what each other needs. Meet Isai and Rebecca Cortez. Newly married and working hard to build a thriving marriage and prosperous business. Being young, married with kids can be tough enough but they’ve gotten in-sync to make their personal lives and business lives work well. And, it’s the part of the name of their new startup venture Synkbooks which is a simpler alternative to another well known bookkeeping software. 

Bismark Tax, inc.

Key takeaways:

  • Getting over having to be the perfect wife and mother

  • Your husband is not a mind reader 

  • Ask for what you need

  • Prioritizing spouse and family in the midst of busyness

  • Finding the right way to support the entrepreneur spouse


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