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Ep. 49 - Top 6 Podcast Episodes 2020

We can’t believe it’s been a year since we launched this podcast. Thank you for listening and providing feedback as we want to deliver the most relevant content to help your marriage and business succeed. Since it’s the end of our first year, we decided to do a recap of some of our listeners favorite episodes as well as a couple of ours. Unless you’ve been with us from the beginning you may not have listened to some of the episodes we talk about. So, now is a good chance to go back and review them. Enjoy!

Best Episodes

Top Episodes:

    • Episode 2 - Build a business for freedom not bondage- Chris and Alicia Niemyer
      • An owner can be your own bad boss
      • Develop teamwork to build the business with freedom

    • Episode 8 - Change your spouse by changing you first - Al and Leticia Perez 

Top NEW Episodes:

    • Episode 32 - Winning at home while succeeding at work- John and Susie Miller
      • Trusting each other gets you through personal and business tragedy
      • Embracing each others differences
      • Building processes to give each other space when needed
      • Great personal example and has truth for many businesses
      • Be careful what you wish for
      • If you’re not prepared, growth can kill

    • Episode 36 - 400% growth can kill your business- Michael and Kathryn Redman

Hosts' Choice:

    • Robert- Episode 44- Big profits from small changes

    • Kay Lee - Episode 1- Build a Thriving Marriage and Prosperous Business

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