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Ep. 29 - The Unconventional Startup Approach

Most businesses start with some semblance of a plan; written or otherwise. But then there are stories like Jacob and Angelica in which they sort of fell into their business. Some may look at their startup story as a bit random but when you look at it from above, it actually makes sense. Instead of a plan some people need to be pushed into business. That and how they make working together work is what we will discuss. And more.

Angelica and Jacob Tellez. are a husband-wife duo specializing in photography & videography services for all sorts of stories from new life to new love and everything in between. They have been happily married for almost 3 years ( 7 years together), and have an adorable Yorkie Canela and will soon be adding a 4th member to the Tellez tribe this coming October. Doing life with your best friend is exciting enough but to add a business to the mix has certainly been a real treat and a really fun adventure to tackle together! They love what they do. Photography and videography has been a part of their journey since they first met and it brings us so much joy to share this with others. When they're not behind the lens you can catch them either out in the town on an adventure or snuggled at home with pizza and a good movie. 

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Key takeaways:

  • The crazy story of how they met

  • The unconventional way the business started

  • How Jacob roped Angelica into joining him in the business

  • How they make working together work

  • How to work together when one’s the risk taker and the other values security

  • Both husband and wife coming to a crossroads in their career

  • The boundaries needed to separate business from personal

  • What they would you do differently in starting their business

  • Quality time vs quantity

  • Ask for what you need


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