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Ep. 63 - 3 Reasons Why Marketing Efforts Fail

Many businesses struggle to find the right marketing approach and needlessly settle for the status quo. Why? Because they’ve probably tried many different marketing strategies with less than stellar results. Or at least not to the hype that it was presented to them. Sound familiar? Spoiler alert: there is no get rich quick strategy in marketing. It all takes time. But if you know how to approach marketing and the fundamentals that go into any successful strategy, you will do well. So don’t get sucked into the latest and greatest marketing pitch before you listen to this episode. 

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Key takeaways:

  • No plan
    • You do it because someone says you should? Don’t believe the hype
    • Does it fit your brand, do you have the manpower or budget to do it for the long haul?
    • How many customers do they need and can handle?
  • No SMART goals/No definition of success on a micro level
    •  Besides sales, how many customers, how many clicks, how many emails opens over what period of time. Understanding how long it’s going to take to reach the goals.
  • Starting too broad
    • Trying to reach too broad of an audience and be all things to all people
    • People are scared about losing out if they narrow their target market
    • The problem with being too broad is your message will be also
    • Get specific and limit the options...even if you have a lot of them
    • Choose one product/service that will drive everything else
    • Define the ideal customer
    • The message is clearer, focuses on specific demographic/psychographic, less time spent

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