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Ep 40 - How To Work Together As Husband and Wife

Meet A.J. and Alicia Brentzel. A husband and wife team that own a construction company called Brex Enterprises in the Pennsylvania area. Like many couples, they start out working together. In fact Alicia didn’t think it would be a good idea when A.J. first presented the idea. But over time, the circus of him being gone a lot working and her being home raising the kids and balancing a career became taxing. So they re-evaluated and determined that Alicia quitting her job and working in the business would allow the flexibility to raise the family and still earn a good living. You know how plans go? Not usually the way you draw it up. But through the process, they did learn the strengths that each brought into the business and found a way to work together as opposed to fighting about it. As a result, their business witnessed explosive growth. In this episode, not only will you hear how they learned how to work with each other well but they share some of the fundamentals of the business that have led to growth like their commitment to their core values and employees. 



Key Takeaways:

  • How their differences complement each other

  • Importance of focusing on core values 

  • Importance on focusing on employees 

  • The secret to being married and working together

  • Filling a big gap in the trade industry

  • Their commitment to shared goals 

  • There is no separation of business and family but you need healthy boundaries

  • Sometimes you just need to get away

  • The development of systems and processes was the key to their growth

  • Big focus on employee development

    • Creates more fulfilled employees

    • Lowers turnover

    • Makes business more efficient 

    • Fosters innovation

  • Question of the day: What did you try to do and failed today?


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